Staging Your Home


Staging your home goes significantly beyond an effort to make it look neat, clean and well-maintained.  Similarly to the way stagehands set the stage for Broadway productions, you can stage your home to create a production designed to “WOW” prospective purchasers.

If you have ever visited a new home development and walked through the builder’s model home, you know exactly what staging is.  Builders have visual coordinators who do extremely elaborate staging jobs- placing furniture, choosing soothing colors for carpets and drapes, hanging artwork on walls, having a bowl of fruit on the kitchen counter, putting flower arrangements in the living room, or leaving an open book on a table by the bed in the master bedroom.  Staging a property this way helps prospective buyers visualize themselves living in the home.

An article in the Wall Street Journal published a study showing that professionally “staged” homes sold quicker and for more money.

We offer a FREE consultation (typically 2-3 hours) with an interior designer/stager who specializes in preparing your home for sale.  This valuable service has helped our clients maximize the equity in their home in today's market.

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